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The first Restaurant Galo was established in the Old Taipa Village in 1987 and the name was given in honor to one of the most iconic symbols of Portugal: "Galo de Barcelos" which translated to English means "Barcelos's Rooster" (Barcelos is a town located in the North of Portugal).

Throughout the years, we have been proudly offering our customers a wonderful dining experience of Traditional Portuguese Cuisine in a pleasant and colourful atmosphere that highlights the beautiful culture of Portugal.

Galo de Barcelos
Barcelos Town, Portugal
Restaurant Galo
Restaurant Dom Galo

Our Cuisine

Passion + Love

Our dishes are cooked with great passion and our Menu is one of the longest you can find in the neighbourhood. Because we love being committed in giving a brilliant dining experience to all of our guests!

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Monday to Sunday: 12:00 - 22:30

Add: Calçada do Tronco Velho, n 10

Tel: (853) 2882 7318


Monday to Sunday: 12:00 - 23:00

Add: Av. Sir Anders Ljungstedt, n 36 G/F, AF-AG

Tel: (853) 2875 1383

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